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one more time

December 31, 2013

usually we look back.  we remember.  we run through a mental montage of the past 365 days.  we toot our horns and toss confetti in the air and celebrate a year.  but this one, i’m just glad to see it go.  i’m pretty sure my kindred spirit, britney jean spears, knows how i feel.

consider this my britney spears – beating papparazzi with an umbrella – cheetos fingers – gas station restroom without shoes – shaved all my hair – year.  i tried to put some sparkles on it to cover up the bad parts but this year still just felt all sorts of wrong.  sort of like brit brit at the vma’s.


years heal all and even britney has found her way after lots of work b*tching.  she’s got a new vegas show and hair extensions and a cool $15 million in her pocket {that’s a lot of starbuck’s}.  if britney jean can pull it together so can i.  promise i’ll leave my sequin bra and boyshort set at home.  so throw your confetti in the air and toot your little horn, celebrating 2013 is so last year  -you’re celebrating my comeback.


and let’s all say a little prayer for britney.  i really don’t think she could survive another hit me, baby, one more time.  and neither can i.

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