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just do it: a contract with myself (and that gang of women at the bottom).

December 11, 2013

do you have an iphone or other smart device (not including your brain)?  great.  get it out of your pocket/purse/couch cushion and put it in your hand.  navigate to the lil app store and search the phrase nike training club.  let it marinate slash download while you make your way to your pile/drawer/closet of workout clothes.  pick some good ones, it is a wednesday after all.  you’re all laced up and your phone is all jazzed. it’s time to nike train it up.

i am going to fully complete one nike training club workout each day for the next week.  i had to be real specific there.  otherwise, i could’ve called up my lawyer {sarah} and asked her to look over this here contract and find a way out of it.  but no siree, no way out of this one.  i am going to pump some iron thanks to this ironclad contract i just negotiated with myself.

one nike training club workout.  each day.  until next thursday.

then i’ll re-evaluate and take a real good look in the mirror and maybe i’ll sign an extension on this contract.


just do it.


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