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you should’ve seen it in color

December 7, 2013

it’s pretty great to live in the here and now.  but do you ever wonder what it might have been like to spend time fluttering your eyelashes and dripping in diamonds with elizabeth taylor?  or smoking on a broken down porch step in the slums of baltimore in 1938?  not so much on that second one, huh?

these pictures {more accurately, these colorized pictures} captivated me.  it’s funny that we stare at some of these historical images in black and white and they don’t mean as much or seem as real because they’re not in color.  the color made them pop in my mind.  they were lifelike and vivid.  some haunting, some charming, all poignant.

there’s albert einstein on long island in 1939


paul edwards photograph colorized by edvos on reddit

and an autowreck in georgetown in 1921


colorized by sanna dullaway

a little boy holding his stuffed animal in london in 1945


toni frissell photograph colorized by hanslucifer

and the view from the capitol in nashville, tn during the civil war in 1864


sure, it’s awesome living december 7, 2013- a historic date in its own right.  but it’s also important to look back at our history to see how its colored our today.

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