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don’t i know, pizazz and sparkle

December 4, 2013

so you see, i have this magnif-tacular bedding by dvf.

it’s all black and gray and gold and swirly like.  all sorts of pattern, tucking me in every night.  trouble is, it’s hard to decorate around that much pattern.  everything else in my bedroom is either plain (woof!) or not right (woof!).  save for my black/white lattice print curtains custom made by the mama llama – spiritual advisor slash window treatment maven.  and then there were these pillows.

they’re all black and gray and gold and sequinned and stripey.  all sorts of patterns for my lounging about and such.  and i think they’re sort of perfect.  they’d add pizazz and a little sparkle and we all know how i feel about that.  don’t we know?  trouble is, at $148 per pillow they’re a little out of my boudoir budget.  what can i say?  i’ve got a taste for pizazz and sparkle on a glitter glue kinda budget.

don’t i know it.

anthropologie sequined ordon pillow; $148

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