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house sweet house, home sweet home

November 19, 2013

what makes a house a home?

is it the cars in the driveway?  or the dog faces in the front door?  is it the flag flying out front?  or the mail in the mailbox?

is it the thanksgiving dinner you shared sitting around this table?  or the random relative in a painting that watched you help yourself to your third serving of stuffing?

is it the christmas eve you gorged on queso dip at that counter?  or the homemade, from scratch apple pie you baked in that oven?  or the dogs that snarf snarf all the schnibbles from the dishwasher?

is it the bowls of ice cream you consumed sitting in that club chair?  or the law & order marathons you watched until you zonked out?  or the knicky-knacks from family members far and wide, old and young?

is it the paint color that exactly matches a dolce & gabbana frock modeled by victoria beckham on the cover of harper’s bazaar?

it’s probably all of these things.  oh, and the people who called this house a home.  my mom and dad start the packing and moving process today in preparation for their move to the wild, wild west.  they built this home pretty much from scratch (kinda like i built that apple pie i baked in aforementioned oven) but it won’t mean much without the laughter over the queso at the counter and the doggy paws clicking through the house.

a house is just a house.  a family makes a home.

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