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November 19, 2013


i was feeling all down in the dumps over this grandma thing {because it is sorta a down in the dumps thing}.  and then i asked my group of advisees if they were excited for thanksgiving.  not a single yippee!  or yay!  but a whole bunch of dull, lifeless stares.  “i don’t have any grandparents left and it’s just me and my family, so no,” responded one terse sophomore girl.

i was feeling all down in the dumps and then i realized just how grateful i was that i got to spend 28 full, robust, happy, lively years with my grandma.  this girl is no more than 15 years old and she’s already said goodbye to her grandparents.  at 15 i was explaining to grandma how boys and girls danced at prom.  it was not the rumba like i told her.  at 15 i was practicing my driving around grandma’s loopy neighborhood and complaining about yet another family dinner because i had history homework.

i shouldn’t be sad that she died {easy to say}, i should be glad that she lived so long.  and that grandma never chaperoned a high school dance…

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