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thinking outside the box

October 31, 2013

every day for the last four or so months, a bright little box would ping onto my screen.  4 miles60 minutes tempo.  20 miles, you wackadoodle!  they’d say.  every day.  but monday morning, my screen was silent.

i’m in this sort of low right now.  the high of last weekend is pretty impossible to out-do {i was amped up on carbohydrates and all!} and it hit me monday morning that i don’t really have any goals right now.  the holidays are nigh and the stress of shopping is starting to creep in.  my landlord still hasn’t returned my security deposit from my old apartment and i’ve got a big deadline at work tomorrow.

that little daily box blip gave me something to work for.  a reason to be.  and without a training plan, a goal i’m chasing, and something to work for i’m feeling pretty swirly and lost.  maybe now’s the time to take up knitting?  or start chasing my goal of becoming the next kardashian?  here are some more goals worthy of time and effort and a google calendar reminder:

  • eat more veggies and fruit.  i had three carrots yesterday and my body was delighted.
  • make that pinterest six layer salted caramel chocolate cake that’s circulating the internetz.  forget that fruit and veg thing.
  • skip more.  spin more.  cartwheel every so often.
  • maybe pick up a pilates class.  it’s been way too long since i touched my toes.
  • sleep in on a sunday.  and don’t feel bad about it.
  • beadazzling every sweatshirt, baseball cap and pair of sneakers i own.  just like j.crew would have me do.
  • start on my christmas cards…or maybe mail out last year’s valentine’s day cards?  yes, that’s a good place to start.
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