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oh happy day

October 23, 2013

i picked 28a because it was a window seat (my fav) and because it’s how old i am.  i’m a nervous flyer but i think this mind game may have cured me.  on my way to the wedding in texas, i enjoyed all of row 28 by myself.  i spread out and wiggled my toes and uncrunched my knees.  and then i tuned out and watched 2 episodes of the following.  on sunday, however, i shared the 28th row with a girl who is a senior in college.  she was flying east to visit graduate schools.  she asked what took me to texas.

megan.  megan is what took me to texas.  she’s the type of friend that i could talk to about anything.  she’s all texan, a hard worker, a loyal and devout supporter and a red-headed firecracker.  one night in college we dialed 867-5309 just to leave a voicemail on some random man’s answering machine that i was jenny and he had my number.  but megan wasn’t just my sidekick – she actually knew the singer, tommy tutone, lived in california and punched in the correct area code before dialing that poor soul on the west coast.  in college, megan and i spent most weekends together {not always making prank calls}, crammed into bus seats on the road between virginia and some rural pennsylvania town.  megan now lives in new york city and we occasionally spend weekends crammed into bus seats bumping up/down i-95 to reunite.

when you’re in your mid-20’s you have an extraterrestrial sense for those phone calls.  you know, the ones with a friend on the other end of the line squealing that she got engaged or chirping that she’s having a baby.  so i knew when i missed that phone call before thanksgiving.  and that is what took me to texas.

megan’s was one of my favorite weddings ever.  it was comfortable and well-done, pretty without being fluffy.  and she was the essence of bridal cool.  she oozed elegance with her hair worn down, cascading curls sweeping her shoulders, hidden under her mother’s wedding veil.  her eyes glistened as she watched her newly minted husband take the stage and offer a toast in thanks.  and then she boot-scooted with the best of them, in a shorter white dress and her own cowboy boots, at a honky tonk bar after the reception.  i don’t know if you can tell but i idolize megan.  if i had a long, lost sister out there – i’m pretty sure she’d be her.  i was thrilled to join megan for her wedding weekend.  and my excitement and elation carried me all the way home at a comfortable cruising altitude of 39,000 feet.

the girl in 28b woke from her college kid nap and we struck up conversation.  i shared that i was in texas celebrating the wedding of a dear friend.  and that’s when she looked at me all doe-eyed and green and asked is it hard to go to a wedding when you’re not married?

the short answer is no.  the longer answer is no, and here’s why:  i watched megan beam when ray took the stage.  i hugged ray and offered him my congratulations and he thanked me for attending his nuptials.  megan cooed that she wanted to be in d.c. for my upcoming marathon.  ray and megan danced around a smoke-filled country bar without a care in the world.  so, no.  it’s not hard to go to a wedding as a single girl.  if anything, my dear college coed, i was not sad…i was hopeful.  one day i too will walk down the aisle to a gospel choir singing oh happy day.  one day i will wear white (or pink…or blue) and walk away arm in arm with a man in a very sharp suit.  one day my crazy little mother will dance in a honky tonk.  ok, maybe not on that last one.  but friends’ weddings are not sad.  they are happy days.

and country.

and sparkly.



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