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great, great

October 21, 2013

you know what’s great about this here united states?  how big and vast and pretty and wild and zany it is.  just yesterday, i woke up with my head on a pillow in texas.  today, i drove to work in virginia.  on saturday i set foot in oklahoma.  and yesterday i flew over what i think was st. louis at 39,000 feet.  i got moo’ed at (and moo’ed back at) cows during my saturday morning run through the plains of texas and yesterday i got stuck in d.c. sprawl traffic.  i danced at a honky tonk bar after the wedding, then i returned home and did a happy dance with miss daisy in my kitchen.

it’s a great, great big country.  and i’m glad, glad to get to see pieces of it.


a rainbow in northern virginia…photos from texas to come

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