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well that’s something…sunshine

October 19, 2013

back again!  and today i’ve got lauren‘s sunshine-y questions for your information/black mail purposes.

what is the best money you have ever spent?

plane tickets to visit family and friends.  or the prada clutch i bought in rome.  just sayin’.

if you could have any job in the world, what would it be?

stay at home mom sounds pretty nice right now.  i could bake to my little heart’s content, do laundry (which i already do anyway) and i’d be mad awesome at carpool (which i also do already).  plus, i parent about 40 kids on the daily as it is.  i’m basically a stay at home mom without the staying at home or being a mom.  harumph.
what is your favorite fast food guilty pleasure?
those arby’s market fresh sandwiches and curly fries.  or the aforementioned dairy queen blizzard.  scumptious.
what is the best thing you have ever eaten? (yes, I stole that from a food channel show)
a lot of my memories are associated with food.  i love visiting my family in kansas city for a stop at oklahoma joe’s bbq.  i love grabbing a scoop of custard at kopp’s or oscar’s and hanging out with grandma r.  but the best thing i’ve ever eaten is probably the entire buffet at the wicked spoon in las vegas.  or something like that.
favorite TV show right now.
i am a major american horror story junkie.  and i love witches.  and new orleans.  so american horror story: coven is right up my alley.
what is your favorite holiday?
thanksgiving (pilgrims) or easter (lamb cake) without a doubt.
what is one of your favorite childhood memories?
sarah and i used to loop a jump rope around one of our bikes, one of us would ride the bike up our hill and the other would strap on her rollerblades and hold on to the jump rope lassoed around the bike.  we’d then careen down the hill and make the 90 degree left turn into our drive way, flinging the sister on the blades dragging behind the bike into the grass of our front yard.  i learned a lot about physics this way.
oh, and we also used to ride our bikes around our yard in a circuit like pretending we were riding horses.  until mom yelled at us.  we’d ridden a dirt ring into our lush lawn.
what movie have you seen 1000 times, but could still watch another million times over?
the wizard of oz.  for a midwestern girl like me, it’s the ultimate.  and it sparked my love of sparkly shoes.
is it soda or pop? do you put sprinkles on your ice cream, or do you call them jimmies?
it’s soda, yah hey.  and the multi-colored variety are sprinkles while the chocolate sprinkles are referred to as jimmies.
what is your favorite flower?
daisies.  obviously.
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  1. Notorious permalink
    October 22, 2013 2:25 pm

    Arbys market sandwich….mmmmmmmmmmmm….BLT,……. Notorious

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