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hidden gems: when life gives you limes, check out piperlime?

October 9, 2013

let’s ignore the impending doom.  let’s pretend like the 27th won’t ever come.  let’s think happy thoughts and forget sore feet and yucky blisters.  let’s forget the significance of 26.2.  and let’s fall into fashion, fall fashion at

wahhhhhh!  mila sounds kinda like mile which makes me think of marathons.  i can’t escape!  but these booties would give me happy feet.  throw them on with a pair of skinny jeans and a slouchy sweater for instant fall cool.

we all have those days {oh, good lord, please tell me we all have those days} when you burn your toast and you’ve run out of coffee and you stub your toe getting out of the shower.  and on those days i want to live in my sweatpants…but, see, i’m a respectable human being.  so i have to get dressed for work.  wear this slubby sweater with a skinny pair of power pants and you’re set.  just don’t forget to feed the daisy!

and then there are days when you are genuinely good at life.  like rock star good.  that’s where this rhyme los angeles tapestry faux leather vest comes in.  i’d rock it with a pretty little pencil skirt and a v-neck tee.  just enough sparkle!

there are days when i want to prove to my kids at school just how cool ms. r actually is.  these shoes would be a subtle smack in the face.  white shoes?  after labor day?  ms. r is a rule breaker (just don’t you be one, kiddo).

you’re invited!  to a holiday party.  and it’s on my feet.  pair these gilded suede numbers with a leather mini or a flirty plaid frock.  or just wear them with jeans and shine on.

and because no season is complete without the ubiquitous lbd, here’s a spiffed up version in olive faux leather.  getting wild, people.


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