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me, different

September 27, 2013

if i could tell you one thing, i would say: be different.

i come from a long line of disagree-ers, wreak havoc-ists and believer-ettes.  my grandpa r made a hobby out of fighting the good fight.  grandma r has stronger opinions than hurricanes have wind.  my dad has said he missed the opportunity to fight for his country and serve as a minister – he is militant in his defense of what’s right and fair.  and though my mom and sarah may be smaller than i, their loyalty is super-sized.

sometimes i feel like the world is trying to turn us all into soul-less humanoids, who produce goods and commodities without heart or passion.  sometimes i feel like i’m the only one that has feelings and sees with my two eyes.  i value imperfection.  this summer, when i was struggling at work, i feared i was on the wrong side – the unpopular side – and i was.  but i’ve grown to see that maybe the unpopular side is where i belong.  it’s where i’m free to ask the tough questions and debate freely.    it’s where i stand up for what i believe is right and good.  it’s where i’m me.  i’m more than happy to be different.  and if that bothers you or it’s unpopular, that’s not my problem.

so sing on aloe blacc and avicii.  and rave on all you different-ists.

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  1. September 27, 2013 1:29 pm

    Be different, be you. It’s the only way to be truly happy is to be yourself and be happy with that. The way I see it – anyone who can’t dig that is the un-cool!

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