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September 27, 2013

given that today marks one month until my first marathon, there are some things i’ve been told to tell you.  {seriously, i just typed that sentence.}

it’s wise to have a talk with your family a month out from your marathon and warn them that you’ll be on edge and if they want to talk to you about anything important, they should wait until after the race. oh, and let them know that it’s nothing personal; it’s just taper madness.

via 13 tips to run a strong first marathon

{seriously, i just typed those sentences, too.}

i shouldn’t have even clicked through when the email pinged into my inbox.  but i fell for the trap.  just like the runners described in the panic-inducing email, i so desperately want to do everything right when i run this marathon, that i’m willing to do almost anything.  hence, the clicking and the email and all that madness.  and now my heart is thumping in my chest.  i’m suddenly very aware of how much water i’ve had to drink (and the packet of peanut m&m’s i just chomped).  i’m worried that i’m not worried.  and that i haven’t even considered what to wear on race day.  i sure hope that one of the 13 tips is to cry like a newborn baby, because i feel like that might happen.  this is madness.  taper madness.  marathon madness.  madness.

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