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light bright

September 19, 2013

i didn’t take a picture.  i was with a friend and, though she wouldn’t have judged me, i get sensitive about my over-sensitivity when i’m around others.  maybe it was the cool autumnal breeze that made the sad, droopy flags sway that woke me up after my 2-hour-long meeting.  or maybe it was the enormous white marble building’s glow {probably noticeable from outer space} that brightened my eyes.  or maybe it was the babbling fountains behind me – outside that other glowing building – where busts peeked out through the second story windows, all trying to catch a glimpse of history and tradition and power.

i recently joined the junior league.  but that’s not the story.  last night i had a junior league training session in the library of congress.  i walked outside after my meeting, grumbling a bit about being bored and hungry, and was nearly knocked off my feet by a bright, shining capitol building glowing in front of me.  the flags at half-staff in mourning over the navy yard shootings were ordered lowered by speaker boehner, who works in that very building bright before me.  i strode to my car, parked on the corner of east capitol and awesome view, and it was like something out of an episode of scandal.  how lucky am i that i get to live in one of the greatest, proudest, most powerful cities in the world?  i should’ve taken a picture.  but i took a mental one instead.

and the capitol was so bright, i didn’t even need a flash.



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