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the other side

September 9, 2013

it hurt my heart.  my ears could hear the echoes, my eyes could see the empty, and my nose could smell the burning stench of bleach and swiffer in the air.  my fingers refused to unchain the key from my ring.  my feet hesitated as they crossed the crossed the threshold for the last time.  and then the door closed behind me.  i could hear the slam reverberate inside the empty apartment.  i dropped off my keys, fob, garage opener and walked out the back door into the alley one last time.  as i slumped in my car seat, i gazed up at my second floor balcony and told myself to remember always my two little apartments in my first big city.

and then i zig-zagged my way through northwest until concrete meets water and i crossed the potomac into virginia.  i’m on the other side now.

i live in a land of manicured lawns with flower beds, multiple car garages and babies in strollers at the farmer’s market.  daisy hasn’t seen a stray chicken bone on the street in weeks.  and i haven’t seen a single homeless person on this side of the river.  there’s a $2 million dog park across the street and a dunkin’ donuts around the corner.  i hardly even have to look both ways before i cross the street (in fact, this morning i didn’t) and school buses are more prevalent than city buses.

but a fresh start is always welcome.  and so is a dunkin’ donuts.

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  1. Notorious permalink
    September 9, 2013 9:27 pm

    Contrary to the saying, the grass is usually greener on the other side. In particular, anyplace that has a $2million dog park is my kind of place. So the Packers lost, all that means is they are going 15-1. —Notorious

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