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September 5, 2013

as i may have mentioned six thousand times, i just moved into my own new pad with a view (of construction across the street).  and though i’m suffocating from the clutter of boxes and bags and stuff everywhere, i can see the light at the end of the tunnel.  and at the end of that tunnel is an immaculately organized, fantastically functional and prettily perfect apartment.  i think cameron diaz is my light.

Cameron Diaz, Elle Decor

so i have some zebra print already.  and lord himself knows i love me some glitzy gold accents.  but what i wouldn’t do for this dusty maribou pink sandstorm wall treatment.  so luxe and yet unfussy.

Cameron Diaz, Elle Decor

a little leopard (shown here in what i’m guessing is a powder room? until i personally tour cameron’s nyc apartment i won’t be so sure) goes a long way.  but i know no end to mirrored surfaces.  and those light fixtures – all of them – miraculous!

Cameron Diaz, Elle Decor

dear cameron, can i live in your bathroom?  please.  sincerely, me.

love.  light.  and diy.

all images from elle decor via eonline.

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