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the runway: baby, you’re a firework. because you just suffered a mental implosion on the side of the road.

August 15, 2013
Run this town. #running #nike

via nike fit club on pinterest

i had a running-induced mental implosion last week which culminated in me being a whiney little weenie on my long run saturday morning and giving myself a worry attack.  i’m not calling it a panic attack…because it wasn’t.  but it was enough to leave me dripping sweat on the side of wisconsin avenue around 8 a.m. saturday morning, wanting to cry slash kick someone in the face slash quit.  i did quit saturday.  but i’m not quitting on this race.

i guess i was over-confident.  and ignorant.  i knew running a marathon would be hard but i severely underestimated how much it would take from me – mind, body, soul, ipod playlist.  zillions of people run marathons, including lots of people i know, and the worst side-affect they ever talk about is minor chafing.  i’m here to burst that bubble for all of you would-be marathon runners.

there are days it’s great.  days when katy perry and lady gaga simultaneously release new heart-thumping jams and you feel like you were “born this way.”  days when the sun shines and the birds chirp and your feel feel like little butterflies.  woohoo, you think, i’ll do this foreverrrrrrrr.

and then the cold, hard reality creeps in.  you are set to run a race that killed it’s founder.  this race is going to give you blisters and rashes and probably some nervous hives.  this race is longer than my morning commute, and would probably cost $3.98 in today’s gas prices.  it’s going to require you wake up early on the weekends and call it an early night when your friends are raging at some club somewhere.  it’s going to wear through at least two pairs of running shoes and leave you with toes that probably resemble hagrid’s from harry potter.  it’s not pretty.  it’s not usually fun.  it’s not easy.  it’s real.

now that i’ve quit daydreaming about crossing the finish line first, pollyanna braids tacked to my crown like some retro 1970’s running queen, i can get back to reality.  and the reality is that this race isn’t going to be a fairy tale or legend.  but that day in october will be real.  and that’s enough.

i think i’ll hit wisconsin avenue again this weekend.  and this time i’ll try not to look so angry.

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