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the j-crew

August 15, 2013

it’s official:  i am going to be an advisor to 10th graders next year.  from playing school teacher in my grandma’s basement when i was little to bossing my little sister around all those years, i feel like i am well suited for this new responsibility.  plus, i’m pretty sure that i’m hip to what the 14 year old set is digging these days.  in case they try and challenge my authority, i have just the wardrobe to put them back into their place:

a power color

Silk ruffle top

silk ruffle top in neon amethyst; $110

a take charge tuxedo trouser

Andie chino with tuxedo stripe

andie chino with tuxedo stripe; $98

a play on pattern

a piece of bossy bling

and a getaway coat

all images j.crew

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  1. Notorious permalink
    August 15, 2013 5:29 pm

    my advice to a 10th grader…….only 2 more years of high school before you are free, then you can pretend high school never happened. Ugh. –Notorious…..(Go Packers)

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