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back to cool. oh…has that been done before?

August 13, 2013

the prettiest crowd that you had ever seen

ribbons in our hair and our eyes gleamed mean

a freshman generation of degenerate beauty queens

and you know something?

they were the only friends i ever had

we got into trouble and when stuff got bad

i got sent away, i was waving on the train platform

crying cause i know i’m never comin’ back

this is what makes us girls

– lana del rey this is what makes us girls

i feel like lana del rey must have worked in a high school.  or at least she was really good at being a high school girl.  because her songs are my life.  sort of.  her songs are actually more chic than my life.  and then i went back to school shopping at zara. {in my dreams.  i don’t actually have any money.  i live in a fantasy world, if you couldn’t tell.}

monday:  pull it together, miss r.

Image 1 of TRI-COLOR MIDI DRESS from Zara

tri-color midi dress; $79.99

because the only thing monday mornings are good for are the overpriced coffee industry (starbucks, hallelujah!).  get your week started with a simple, chic and effortless a-line number.  swingy enough to disguise weekend diet indiscretions.  pretty enough to fool those tweens into thinking you’ve got your ish together.  and edgy enough to keep the soccer moms at bay.  until tuesday…

the terrible tues

now’s time to take charge.  in a big, long printed zingy blazer kinda way.  pair with a black sheath and booties to keep it simple.  or ratchet things up with an equally swingy (though not dress code appropriate) skirt.

wednesday: pump day, hump day

Image 1 of POINTED COURT SHOES from Zara

pointed court shoes; $49.99

because those valentino rockstud’s just aren’t happening any time soon.  trust me, i’ve run the numbers.  a thousand times.  which, incidentally, is nearly how much those pumps of perfection cost.  beside, low is the new high.  and white is the new black.  just keep telling yourself that…

thursday:  wear the pants

it’s thursday.  all you want are your favorite pair of perfectly broken-in denim.  or sweatpants and a pint of ben & jerry’s.  but that’s a whole different thing.  tumble into these blue beauties and slip on a slouchy sweater.  you’ll be phillip lim-ish faster than you can say chunky monkey.

rejoice!  it’s friday.

you gold, girl.  you made it through the whole work week looking effortlessly chic.  strut on past that carpool line in your bling bling gold metallic leather skirt.  you deserve it.  and a martini.

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