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the runway: pride. {p.s. don’t run into twigs with your eye.}

August 8, 2013

i called my mom last night and opened with this one liner: i learned a lot of life lessons today.

#1:  do not run into tree branch twigs with your eyeball.

#2:  it’s hard being an olympic marathon runner.

i am NO olympic-caliber marathon runner so do not think the run-in with the tree twig messed up my brain.  but my friend christine and i have been pounding out miles like it’s our job.  nay, like it’s our patriotic duty.  we both ran in college and grew up in wisconsin which means that we are both fitter than the average bear and made of hearty, steady midwestern stock.  we churned out 10 miles on monday in an effort to step up our marathon training now that we’re under 3 months until the big day and then followed that up with a track workout tuesday.

10 miles easy, but hard



= sore, tight, depleted, angry jenny

our 9 mile run yesterday was a test of human will and determination.  and i did not pass.  even with that midwestern blood pumping through my veins.  as christine and i hobbled home from somewhere atop reservoir road, we marveled aloud at the strength and commitment that being an olympian must require.  to think those men and women are putting in triple, even quadruple, the mileage we are.  and they do it all for some free shoes, maybe a nike contract, and the pride of a nation.  remarkable all around.

i got home and took miss daisy out for a lap, and then collapsed on my couch, unable to even defrost a microwave meal for dinner.  i walked most of my off-day “shake out” run this morning.  and as tourists and morning joggers cruised past me, blaring beyonce from their ipods, i wanted to scream don’t judge me for walking!  it’s just hard being an olympic marathon runner!

but again, i don’t do this for the money.  there is none.  maybe i’ll get a deal on some shoes from the bargain bin at road runner sports and a free gu or two from the race expo.  it’s about the pride.  though we may have been defeated on our 9-miler yesterday, christine and i still have plenty to be proud of.

kara goucher and shalane flanagan (OBSESSEDDDDDD) via



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