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a lil five step. and hi, again!

August 6, 2013

it’s been a while.  and to be honest, that’s because i just haven’t had the mojo for living life and documenting it.  so i chose living and left the documenting for another day.  that day might be today.  but it might be six days from now.  or twelve.

i still love writing.  i still love scouring the internet and sharing fun stories, shoes, and recipes with you.  but i’m trying to love my life more.

1.)  finally unpack.  and then start to pack up.  i need to put away my clothes from vacation and get my life ready for my impending apartment move.

2.)  stop drinking caffeine/shoving things into my face unnecessarily.  my summer reading book for school is the omnivore’s dilemma and let me tell you, it’s caused a few dilemmas in my lil brain situation.  so i’m trying to think about food…where it comes from, why i want it, what purpose it will serve.

3.)  do some d.c. things.  i can’t even tell you the last time i visited a museum.  i hardly ever run around the mall any more.  for all i know, they could have painted the lincoln memorial green.  oh wait…

4.)  surround myself with people i love.  and who love to love me.  i’ve struggled with friendships recently.  in unlikely people.  i want to find inspiration and encouragement from people who want to be my friend.  JUST LOVE ME ALREADY.

5.)  i want to be more creative.  a few years ago my parents bought me a sewing machine for my birthday.  i had a massive fit.  but i didn’t waaaaaaaaaaant a sewing machine.  turns out i do.  because i want to get all amish and domestic and stuff.  so i brought my beadazzler home from atlanta.  the sewing machine wouldn’t fit.


so that’s my five step plan to loving life.  and finding purpose.  and shining brighter than a beacon from a lighthouse in a tumultuous sea.  or something like that.

here goes!

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  1. August 7, 2013 11:21 pm

    oh, hello there! this girl loves you 🙂

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