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the runway: day 9. hasta la vista, baby.

July 2, 2013

i’m leaving for the beach today.  better yet, i’m leaving to spend the 4th of july at the beach with two girlfriends.  even better?  the accommodations are free, just like the good ole u.s. of a.  there’s no better way to celebrate all of our american-ness than with friends and free lodging.  and celebrate we will.  but first, i had some running to do.

to bid farewell to my american city, i decided to take a little tour of the monuments this morning.  i had 5 miles ahead of me, and jefferson, fdr and mlk calling my name, so i hit 15th street toward the tidal basin and my three historical friends.  running in d.c. is perfect for me.  as we’ve established i have a rather wild imagination.  so think of all the stories my active brain can dream up while i’m bored out of my mind and staring at endless concrete in front of me.  this morning i mused on an exposed patch of cobblestone just outside the old executive office building’s west gated entrance.  i wonder if that little patch ever bore the weight of a president?  maybe abraham lincoln’s carriage?  or teddy’s hunting boots?  probably.  so says my wild imagination.  and then i plodded on.  letting my brain disconnect.

when you’re surrounded by history, it’s easy to get lost in the past.  and so i did.  i don’t remember much of my run this morning…maybe because i run every day.  or maybe because i’m fairly jaded by the morning noises of the capital city.  even the trash compactor can’t wake me from my slumbers any more.  so i cruised past jefferson, skirted the tidal basin and discovered a hidden japanese pagoda in the treeline near f.d.r’s memorial, and didn’t really think a whole lot until i hit the martin luther king, jr memorial.

the ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy

i thought about that one.  a famous martin luther king quote from his letter from a birmingham jail in 1963.  what a perfect idea for my wild imagination, especially after the challenging running day that was yesterday.  on easy days, it’s easy.  but on hard days, it’s hard.  and it’s those days that make you what/who you are.  as a person, as a runner, as a president or preacher.

and to that my active imagination and i say, good one, mlk.  thanks for waking me up.

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