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eat like a celebrity (or not).

July 2, 2013

i grew up with a dietitian in da house.  my mom worked in food service before i came along and then dabbled in catering when her days were lonesome and sad because i was off at school.  she’s also a super awesome mom who, for nary a dime nor a bill of service, put food in my tummy every morning, noon and night for 20 years.  {i’m rounding up because she fed me a lot and because she still sorta feeds me when i’m home and stuff.}  and with a dietitian in da house, i never went hungry and i always knew the best way to lose weight: moderation and exercise.

now, now, now.  before we all get our undies in a bundle and someone calls child protective services on my dear mother, please know that she never ever encouraged us to lose weight.  we were lil midwestern brats after all.  we played soccer and went for bike rides and won the village 4th of july jump roping contest 3 years in a row.  i vividly remember a day in high school when i went straight from ap us history to cross country practice, straight to mom’s awaiting minivan, which delivered me at the village park for soccer practice.  i came home after soccer and ate nearly an entire bag of lay’s sour cream & onion potato chips standing in front of the pantry door.  things like this happened.  but we also noshed on marinated grilled swordfish (that really wowed on the dinner table) and well-rounded meals of protein, starch, vegetable and an ice cold glass of milk.

but today i stumbled on a gold mine.  see, things are pretty slow in the office this week thanks to the holiday and school-aged children being outside winning jump rope contests and the like.  my phone is a mute.  and my email only pings maybe 5 times a day.  so i dove deep into the depths of new york magazine.  and, being the fitness and nutrition freak that i am {forget what i said about the lay’s}, i was instantly smitten with these columns by rebecca harrington where she attempts to follow a celebrity’s diet for 10 days.

the diets are atrocious.  so bad that drinking eggs in warm milk a la marilyn almost sounds like the best option.  almost.  until you read jackie kennedy’s caviar diet.  i know there’s that gentlemen prefer blondes thing, but when it comes to diet- make mine a jackie.

off to skip some rope before i hit the open road with miss daisy.  ahhh!  being young, american and fit.  kinda makes a girl crave a potato chip…


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