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the runway: day 5. double time.

June 28, 2013

double-sided things i like:

  • dvd’s.  like gone with the wind.  so long and so gone with the wind fabulous multiple dvd’s are required.
  • tape.  because rolling individual tape circles is so 1994.
  • oreo’s.  ok, so those are double-stuffed.  but it’s double.

double-sided things i don’t like even a single bit:

  • hills.
  • hills.
  • hills.

today was my first hill workout of mcm 2k13 training.  i set my alarm for 6:15 and added a little tiger emoji to the alert so i’d wake up rawr-ing to go.  plan worked.  sort of.  miss daisy woke up rawr-ing to go around 5:52 a.m. and eagerly pranced and paced until she caught me opening my left eyeball and knew i was awake.  busted.  i took her out for a warm-up lap (thank you, daisy, for making me a healthier runner.  grumble grumble.) and then putzed on the computer for a few before lacing up and taking off.  see, i knew what was in store.  i knew it was hot (80 degrees at 6:30), i could still feel the creaking in my bones from tuesday morning’s circuit class and i dreaded the hills ahead like a fly fears a swatter.

i run my hills over on embassy row- a beautiful, tree-lined street of mega-mansions and pristine parks.  you’d hardly believe you’re still in the district when you see the homes and manicured lawns and grand circle drives.  i tried to channel some of that peace and beauty for my hill workout.  maybe it was the garbage truck beeping and leaking or the dripping heat/humidity one-two punch that made peace and beauty unattainable.  the hill itself is also a one-two punch.  you go up one side, down the other, then twirl around and go up and down.  i count that as one double-sided hill.  i made it through three.  {my t-shirt only made it through 1/2.  tank tops from here on out.}

hills.  check and check and check.  and check and check and check.  turns out i don’t mind double-sided hills.

now hand me the oreo’s.

IMG_1899**that is not a tie-dyed tshirt.  that is sweat.  gross.  but cool.

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