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the runway: day 4. is this getting old yet?

June 27, 2013

two words: snooze.  fest.

i could not roll myself out of bed and motivate my lil marathon-running self to hit the gym this morning.  but the beauty of being up early is that you still have a full day ahead of you.  maybe that’s the beauty…or maybe that’s not at all.

with the skies darkening by the minute and clouds rumbling above the d.c. metro area, i sought shelter in the fluorescent cave of pulsing techno tunes that is my local gym.  equipped with my ipod, last month’s self magazine and a bullish determination to pound out a few good miles, i hopped on the treadmill.  20-something minutes later i had completed my prescribed 3 mile run.  and i was off to the free weights.

for a day that started out so slowly, it was reassuring to end it with a fast run.  lots more to come but i’m on my way!

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