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the runway: day 3. or -12…you get the picture.

June 26, 2013

i went out running this morning because i was scared of the course description of the lone yoga class offered at my gym this morning and because today is going to be hellishly hot.  i slept in my running duds and after taking daisy outside for a warm-up lap, i took off through the sunlit streets of d.c.  i come up with a lot of silly questions in my head when i’m running.  things like i wonder what abraham lincoln would think about this whole gay marriage debate?  and how many people are on that plane cruising above my head on the national mall?  if i plant a cherry pit, will i grow a cherry tree?  should i download the new kanye west album?  and does president obama ever just want to go for a run outside?  would the secret service let him?  but today my mind was focused on one thing (welp, save for that last question. my mind came up with that one today.)

is he training too?  will i see her at the start line in october?  will she finish before me?  i wonder if she’s a shot block or gu gal?  has he run a marathon before?  will he ever run a marathon?  i wonder how fast she is?  will she beat me at the finish?

all these people out for a morning run.  and all i could wonder was whether they are my competition.  so let’s just say yes.  yes, president obama probably wants to go running outside some days (does he even run?!?!).  and yes, these innocent runners along the bike paths and sidewalks of d.c. are my competition.  because i can’t do this alone so i’ll enlist the help of all the strangers on the street.  i will race them.

and just in case your silly little mind is wondering…yes, i beat her at the finish.

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  1. Notorious permalink
    June 26, 2013 7:24 pm

    I can answer one question….do you download the Kanye West album… –Notorious

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