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chew on it

June 7, 2013

i’m playing this not so fun game right now called “let’s not put everything in our face and chew it.”  a while back i mentioned that i was on a serious fat kid binge.  fat kid at a hostess going out of business sale level binge.  though i have not indulged in a single hostess brand delicacy, i have inhaled, snarfed and masticated nearly every other confection on planet earth.  as swimsuit season is n.o.w. i’m trying to reign things in a smidge.  here are some of my favorite, sorta healthy, snacks and treats.  chew on it.


the laughing cow cinnamon cream cheese.  i’m a dairy girl.  so i’ve got to have my cheese.  and laughing cow makes my heart and my hips happy.  check out the cinnamon cream cheese flavor (45 calories per wedge) and smile as your coworkers stuff their faces with bagels and cream cheese.  who’s laughing now?

suja juice.  they’re not inexpensive.  but neither is a heart attack because you’ve subsisted on hot dogs for 6 years.  on a hot day/after a workout/after a weekend bender/while skipping church these make me feel like i’m a good person again.  seriously.  halo in a bottle.  i’ve slurped down the fuel, purify and green supreme after a quick trip to my local whole foods.  p.s. doesn’t suja kinda sound like a ninja name?  suja!

navitas naturals chia seeds.  i’ll admit that the on-the-go packet is still hiding in my purse.  it was an impulse purchase in the checkout line.  who could pass up an aztec superfood?!?!  and according to navitas’ website, chia seeds were even used as currency.  consider me rich.  their website also has a treasure trove of recipes- i’m thinking overnight oatmeal.

image via wikipedia

oh hey there lil buddy.  no need to be shy.  i’m seriously obsessed with avocados and have convinced myself they’re nature’s comfort food.  so creamy and delish and funny looking.  slice it, mash it, pepper it, be comforted.



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