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a good taste

June 6, 2013

when i was little, like still wearing diapers and ruffled socks with my saddle shoes little, my mom used to dabble in catering.  a registered dietitian by training and a foodie since birth, my mom had a taste for both food and entertaining.  i still get the occasional pang for some of her catering standbys like a magnificent 14-layer chocolate/cinnamon torte and her signature lemon creme ring.  but i also feel the pang to start my own little cooking business.  i know that i don’t have a fancy degree (except that bachelors in journalism and mass communications that’s collecting dust) but i do have good taste.  it runs in my genes.

i’d sell wholesome, hearty and back to basics goodies.  the kind your mom would have waiting for you when you got off the school bus on an ordinary wednesday afternoon.  they’d be full of butter and sugar and comfort.

homemade nutter butter sandwich cookies via cupcakes and cashmere

s’mores pop tarts via take a megabite

it’s ok.  you can call me old school.  i am.  but i’m also a little mad.

mini oreo sprinkle cakes via sprinkle bakes

chocolate wasted cake via grace(ful) things

i believe bakeries should be comfortable, functional and homey.  like your living room (minus the tv, no tv’s allowed!) plopped into wonderland.

bar and bulb light via elle decor

bakery checkout via elle white

and maybe a little dazzling.

sparkle bar via style me pretty

and i’d wear this to work every day.  because i am the high priestess of the homemade.

alexander mcqueen via women’s wear daily

and i’d never forget my saddle shoes and ruffly socks.  i’ve got good taste, remember?

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