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national running day (but actually it’s been years)

June 5, 2013

running has been there for me.  it’s seen me through tough times.  through my teens and my twenties.  through wisconsin and virginia and d.c.

meet college cross country captain jenny {college cross country 2006}

it’s been fun.  it’s been terrible.  it’s been thrilling and inspiring.

champion (for a day) running jenny…my favorite kind!  {bmo harris rock ‘n sole summerfest quarter marathon 2012}

it’s been heartbreaking.

even with hot pink sleeves…not a hot race {img rock ‘n roll national half marathon 2012}

running has been my free time.  my me time.  running has forced me to be strong.  it’s made me weak in the knees.

that guy gets weak in the knees too {ukrop’s monument avenue 10k 2012}

running has taught me about community.  running has taught me about family.

if only i could wear sparkly wings every race? {color run washington d.c. 2012}

running has taught me about competition.  it’s taught me the importance of an ipod, stopping at red lights and watching out for stray dogs.  and how slimming the whole black and black on black thing can be.

black on black on black on black on wild striped headband. {hot chocolate 15k 2011}

running has made me into who i am today.

ready to run

friends.  early mornings.  you have to really like running…and each other.  {obx half marathon 2010}

and it probably won’t stop making me into who i’m meant to be.  but that’s ok.  because i won’t stop either.

being me…and running…and all that good stuff.


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  1. June 5, 2013 3:32 pm

    That was a really fun read. Thanks for sharing your journey!

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