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dingbats and ding dongs…and the weekend that brings them together

May 31, 2013

i’ve been a real crazy dingbat recently.  blame it on the weather?  or the little crazy dingbats counting the days until the end of school?  but.  this weekend that all changes.  here’s what’s on my to-do (to-eat?) list:

  • laundry.  the pile of dirty clothes is so big, i think daisy could get lost inside.
  • practice poaching a benedict-worthy egg.
  • call grandma.  hi grandma!
  • finish season 3 of felicity.  yes, this is a real thing on my to-do list.  i just have got to see how things shake out for our favorite curly-topped coed.
  • sleep on the couch.
  • wander my way through the woodrow wilson house.  it’s free this weekend!
  • plotting out my plot at the dupont circle farmer’s market.  don’t you think that’s exactly what this gal needs?!  a little space to call her own, a little stand to stock her homebaked delights?  i do.  but the paperwork and regulations could take until next season just to digest.
  • so while i slave away over paperwork and government licenses, i think i should take mom’s kitchenaid ice cream maker for a whirl.  and i’m pretty sure bake at 350’s chocolate mocha ding dong ice cream is just the thing!
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