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the wonder of washington

May 28, 2013

the feeling never dulls.  that little pang, the goosebumps that prickle, the wonder.  i know how lucky i am.  how blessed and uncommon.  some young people are enthralled with vacation destinations- london or paris or new york city- and those are exciting places to be sure.  but there’s nothing like being young in the nation’s capital.

living in washington, d.c. is a responsibility.  you have to accept the charge to explore and experience all that taxpayer’s dollars and governmental infrastructure puts at your fingertip.  sometimes it’s exhausting but it’s always marvelous.  i spent my weekend dodging camera-toting tourists as i ran my patriotic path through the world war 2, korean and vietnam war memorials.  i strolled the streets of georgetown.  and soaked up some sun watching the operation rolling thunder parade from the environmental protection agency’s granite steps.  i celebrated over food and drinks with friends.  and made new friends at the meridian hill park drum circle.  sarah and i browsed the boutiques of 14th street and meandered through lafayette square park.  and, of course, i made plenty of time for my favorite furry friend {who also enjoyed lafayette square park- and it’s abundant squirrel population}.

there’s nothing quite like driving past the moonlit washington monument and hanging your head out the car window like a four-legged friend because you want to soak it all up.  the wonder of living in washington.  the prickle of goosebumps because you call this place home.  or maybe it’s the rush of night air as you hang your head out the car window?

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  1. Janice Ratzel permalink
    May 28, 2013 5:55 pm

    I hope you weren’t driving as you hung your head out the car window. Gotta love DC!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Notorious permalink
    May 28, 2013 7:27 pm

    I agree…I love DC. —Notorious

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