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stuff and things: the silver lining?

May 22, 2013

deep, dark, ugly mess:  i’m pretty sure i’m going to be single foreverrrrrr.

silver lining:  but i did meet a nice guy at the gym this morning.  he usually occupies the second treadmill from the right, arrives near 5:12 a.m. and cruises at 8.7 speed.  his name is ken.

deep, dark, ugly mess:  the entirety of d.c. empties out on holiday weekends and works on their tan on the beaches of delaware, maryland or north carolina.  i will be all by my lonesome.

silver lining:  i can do what i want peoples!  and i want to bake a cherry pie so clear the self-checkout line at giant, i’m coming through!

deep, dark, ugly mess:  i have no moneyz.  and i didn’t even get to eat birthday cake with my mom on her special day.  wahhhh!

silver lining:  i’m looking at new (budget-friendly) apartments and i don’t feel like a chumba-wumba today?  yes, yes that would be the upside.

deep, dark, ugly mess:  my closet.  which i keep saying i’m going to clean.  and then i wander in and i run, screaming in terror, from the mess.

silver lining:  new stuff at j.crew!  and new sale at bop.  can’t clean it?  start from square one!

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  1. Notorious permalink
    May 22, 2013 4:29 pm

    Isn’t the silver lining always looking at Daisy and knowing football season is just a few months away? Rock on. —Notorious

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