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a bonkers birthday

May 21, 2013

i love fairy tales.  alice in wonderland is one of my faves.  i grew up clicking my heels together and wearing sparkly shoes like dorothy in the wizard of oz.  i like to think i got my healthy imagination and zest for adventure from my mom.

she believes in the beautiful but possibly improbable.  she knows when it’s time for hat and she knows when it’s time for a crown- and she’s talked me out of wearing both on occasion (thanks for that, mom).  she loves a baked good and knows how to throw a mad, mad party.  and though twisters may make things all topsy-turvy and i may fall down my own little rabbit hole every now and again, i know that mom will be there to help me right myself.  i love fairy tales because growing up with my mom was like something out of a disney movie.  or metro-goldwyn-mayer as is the case with the wizard of oz.

so as i was searching for the right words on this, my mom’s birthday, i found this quote from alice in wonderland:

mom, go bonkers on your birthday!

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  1. Emily Draud permalink
    May 21, 2013 5:49 pm

    I love this..and your mom-Happy Birthday Janice!

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