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make mine skimm

May 18, 2013

i’m usually late to parties.  i read somewhere sometime that it’s polite to be a few minutes late to dinner parties because it gives the host(ess) time to fight any fires before guests turn up.  as for parties where people dance on tables and don’t eat from them, everyone knows that it takes a good hour or two before the bubbles get to people’s brains and anything fun happens anyway.  so i’m late.

but this time i just feel like a dunce.

because way back when, before guests turned up and we popped bottles and auld lang syne’d our way into 2013, lauren told me all about the skimm.  and how everyone was reading it.  consider the skimm the smart, witty, less tweed/argyle version of cliff’s notes for today’s breaking news.  the skimm, unlike the wall street journal or washington post, is poppy and zingy.  and current.  delivered to your inbox every day, you have at your fingertips a breakdown of the headlines in words you don’t have to google.  i’ve only read one issue but i feel like less of a dunce for being late to this party.

get the skimm.  and then resume dancing on tables and what not.

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