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ten things

May 14, 2013

i’m feeling drained…personally, professionally, financially.  so instead of actually weaving a narrative about my life (and its doldrums), i think i’ll hereby declare tuesday ten things tuesday.  that way i won’t have to think.  but for ten random things that i feel like talking about.

  • it was mother’s day.  and i spent my mother’s day soaking up my vitamin d at the georgetown boathouse with two mothers (neither of them my own) and their fabulous, authentic afghan cooking.  that’s where i developed a sun burn and a craving for spicy dill sauce- otherwise known as afghan chutney.
  • i’m being such a fat kid.
  • i’m reading a super twisy, turny book called the expats.  and it’s making me super want to move abroad.
  • there’s a sceney new place around the corner from me called black whiskey and i totally wish i was cool enough to hang out there.
  • because track season is winding down (yay!) and practices are lasting all of 22 minutes, i have some time on my hands.  what better way to use said free time than by watching all four seasons of felicity on demand.
  • oh, and mastering a trendy, cool kid manicure.  i see black and white stripes in my nails’ future.
  • i’m also feeling the itch to move.  probably because i have no money and i’m not cool enough to live in my own neighborhood.  i’m wearing a shirtdress at work today…for the second day in a row.  i’m so off this preppy phase and need my closet to accurately reflect it.  so i need a new closet clearly.
  • i’m thinking of becoming an entrepreneur.  i would like to specialize in cookies and pies.  and maybe running.  and eating leisurely breakfasts in bed.
  • i am seriously afraid of these supposed cicadas that are emerging from the depths of the earth.
  • my last track meet is this saturday.  and then i’m free!  to soak up rays and read good books and eat cheeto’s on my couch to my little heart’s content.
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  1. May 14, 2013 5:13 pm

    Can I just say, this made me completely chuckle, especially coming down from yesterday’s “Gwenyth” panic attack. 🙂 Great post.

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