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a teachable mom-ent

May 12, 2013

here’s what i’ve learned from my mom:

homemade tastes better than store bought but saltines and butter is a perfectly appropriate pre-dinner snack.  always eat your vegetables {even cooked carrots} but save room for a dairy queen peanut buster parfait {with peanut butter sauce}.  say please and thank you and never show up empty handed.  there is such a thing as too short or too high or too see-through and that’s what they made slips and spanx and that wacky double-stick tape for.  some people will always get more than they deserve but it’s always best to always give more than necessary.  join a club but don’t ever fade into the crowd.  love everyone but be careful who you trust.  falling asleep on the couch watching hgtv keeps you from developing wrinkles but it’s staying up late causing mischief that does wonders for your soul.

and here’s what i hope i’ve taught my mom:

the difference between karl lagerfeld and marc jacobs and why either is perfectly splendid.  the power of a pink lip and the strength of a well-toned bicep.  to splurge and to hoard.  that it’s ok to wear stripes and spots and sequins but that basics are a necessity.  that chivalry may be dead but the appreciation of grandma’s homemade pie crust will never die.  you can have it all and still have nothing to wear for any of it.  there’s nothing to be afraid of but you should always check under the hotel bed.  sarcasm will take you far but intelligence will win it all.  reading is good and so is hgtv.


happy mother’s day, mom!

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