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the planet

May 3, 2013

you know those guys.  the ones that have you saying “we” on first dates or planning memorial day weekend boat cruises in your new j. crew bikini, with a picnic basket from crate & barrel that perfectly houses your homemade cherry pie with cinnamon sprinkled star-shaped crust cutouts*.  he talks about his family and how it’s just so funny that half his family has blonde hair while the other half have brown hair.  you smile and blush and twinkle.  and then you never hear from him never ever ever again.

and you tell yourself that it’s ok.  because his selection of cargo shorts was seriously questionable.  and one time he made a really bad joke that you think might border on offensive, but you can’t quite tell because you were too busy gazing into his mystifying blue eyes.  and you’re pretty sure he’s never heard of grace potter & the nocturnals.  or eating peanut butter straight from the jar.

so you delete his number from all of your digital devices and say one love, light, release and then send him off into the universe.  but where does he go?  the planet. 

if i love the man repeller for one reason, it’s her gutsy taste in clothing and accessories.  if i love her for two reasons, it’s because she wore a freaking amazing wedding dress*.  but if i love her for three reasons, it’s for sharing that blog post about the planet.

because i’m glad to know that i’m not alone.  but he is.  somewhere out there.  on his planet.

*not like i’ve done that.  but maybe i have.  and here’s the bikini.

*see?  freaking amazing wedding.  boom.

the man repeller wedding via the man repeller obvi

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