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hidden gems: brunch.

April 25, 2013

this may not seem like a hidden gems-esque category.  but let’s think outside the proverbial box, shall we?  promise it will be fun.

a bevy of beverages

i strongly believe that brunch is all about the beverages.  as you typically eat brunch later than, say, breakfast but before, oh i don’t know, lunch you’re in that no man’s land of  starrrrrrrvation.  having a beverage in hand keeps the hangries away.  must haves:

1.  iced water, preferably with citrus.

2.  coffee of choice, make mine americano.

3.  juice selection, the more exotic the better.  vegetable juices for bonus points.

4.  mimosa/bloody mary/bloody maria/tequila shot.  obviously.

the nibbles

again, you’re starving.  all that sleep or a late night of kicking up your heels or an early morning run has depleted your calorie reserves.  so why not replenish with nibbles of fruit salsa and homemade cinnamon crisps?  my mom used to make these killer donuts.  literally, i think i’m due for a heart attack for the fried dough and powdered sugar i stuffed in my face as a kid.  cheese straws, biscuits, mini bagels keep your cravings for carbolicious savory snacks at bay.

dig in

i’m partial to grandma’s classic egg bake (a.k.a. casserole) but how cute would a bar with assorted cereals and milks (skim, chocolate, almond, etc.) be?  shop sweet lulu for all your mini milk jug needs.

Mini Milk Jugs

mini milk jugs (and paper cups, spoon) via sweet lulu; $3 per

prefer to slurp up maple syrup?  then throw together a french toast casserole the night before.  wipe the sleep out of your eyes and toss it in the oven and you’ll be speaking french in no time flat.  beret optional.


this one time, when i turned 25, i had a wild brunch birthday.  and a wild brunch birthday cake.  that was actually…a giant donut.

donut pan by williams sonoma

and it was awesome.

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