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April 25, 2013

i’m having one of those days where i realize how grateful i am for my job.  not because it pays the bills or gives me free lunch {yogurt day- throw your hands up in the air!} or provides me with health insurance that covers every trip down the stairs my silly self takes.  i am grateful for my job because i realize on the regular what true, pure, heart-warming, tear-welling pride feels like.

this morning at town meeting i beamed with pride as 4 of my track superstars took the microphone and announced their candidacy for elected office at school.  to think that two months ago i didn’t know these four is unfathomable.  i glow with love when i see them trying really hard to be good people.  and they do pretty well at it.  most of the time.

just a few moments ago, i bombed into the headmaster’s office and set up a mobile command center around the secretary’s desk and helped a student call london.  she was hunting down the admissions office at a college in the u.k. to find out her admissions decision and she was visibly nervous.  actually, nervous is an understatement.  i’m pretty sure my little lamb would have barfed up her lunch if a.) it were pizza day and b.) the secretary, special events coordinator, art teacher and i weren’t all crowded around the desk with her.  she will get her admissions decision next week (from the fashion design program alexander mcqueen attended no less!) but regardless of what comes in that envelope i am proud of her today.  and we all- the secretary, special events coordinator, art teacher and i- told her as much.

i wasn’t the only one beaming today.  my 4 track stars and my budding fashionista were beaming with pride too.  i am grateful that i have the power to help kids beam.


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  1. Janice Ratzel permalink
    April 25, 2013 7:16 pm

    I’m beaming with you, but also for you, because of the wonderful person you are, too! The school, and its’ students, are lucky to have you. I bet they tell you that, just like you tell them how proud you are of them. Great job EVERYone. Love

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