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words to live by

April 8, 2013

rare are the days when i don’t know what to say.  i’m usually relatively eloquent and my parents recognize me as the “nurturing” one.  i majored in mass communications for heaven’s sake and i remembered in church yesterday morning those years i spent studying sign language in elementary school.  i know how to talk to almost anyone (15-year-olds and four-legged friends included) and i won a few spelling bees way back when.  words are my thing.  but there just aren’t many words for the moment when you realize one or both of your parents are going through profound and raw sadness/hurt.

so i muffled tears as i called my dad from the high school parking lot and offered my condolences on the sudden loss of his best friend.  and then i turned to someone else’s words.  sarah’s words to be exact.  she may not have the degree in communications but i think she communicated our sentiments pretty eloquently:

make sure to love your best friend today – because, in 42 years, they’ll be your family. 

words don’t matter.  but friends do.

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