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the why’s and the how’s

April 2, 2013

i’ve been asking why? a lot recently.  why can’t my favorite student’s dream college just admit him?  why are you giving me the stink eye teenage girl?  why isn’t today my day?  why can’t i just understand?  why don’t i have any money?  why does a mini cadbury cream egg taste better than the granola bar i ate for lunch?  why don’t i have a boyfriend?  why, why, why, whyyyyyyyyy?

turns out maybe i need to stop asking why? and start asking how?  as in how can i find my favorite student a dream college?  how can i give the stink eye back to you teenage girl?  how can i make tomorrow better?  how can i understand?  how can i save more money?  how can i make a better tasting lunch?  how can i find a boyfriend?

and i think i’ll find the answer in a big ole nap on the couch after work…or in a mini cadbury cream egg.

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