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crooked christianity

March 29, 2013

god is a thought who makes crooked all that is straight.

-friedrich nietzche

it’s holy week.  or the end of holy week really.  and by the irony of all ironies i feel that my faith has really been tested this week.  i started my holy week by going to church with sarah, only to have my faith, devotion and christianityismness questioned by another.  how is that even fair?!  and then i got to thinking, hey jenny, maybe this is a test from god.  maybe it is.  so i’ve been reading and thinking and eating easter candy and saying my nightly prayers because, if this is a test, i sure as hell want to pass this one.

am i right or am i right?

p.s. what is with people and their hypocrisy this week?

p.p.s. when i started to type in “christianity” to my tags, it automatically prepopulated christian dior and christian louboutin.  somebody’s livin’ right.

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