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white noise

March 15, 2013

i’m watching the water drip from the mouth of the bottle into the pool of h20 below.  i’m keenly aware of my heart beat and a headache forming behind my eyeballs.  the skin on my right face hemisphere feels dry.  carly rae jepson has played far too much on this pandora station.  the white noise of the fan blowing overhead is deafening, so i almost can’t hear carly rae jepson.  but i can hear my boss’ daughter coloring feverishly on the white board outside my office.  it sounds like she’s using a red marker.

i went on a relatively blind date last night.  so it was more like a sun glaring in my eyeballs squinting til tears well up in my eyes and i can’t see kind of date.  i knew who he was before i showed up but i didn’t know him.  got it?  well i was charming and effervescent and witty per usual.  i made conversation about work (he works in a related field) and kale smoothies and the wizard of oz.  i was certain and confident and radiant.

but now i’m hyper-aware of the minutes ticking by.  he texted me after our date and we mentioned going out again but i’m watching the water drip and wondering what he thinks.  does he think i’m too fluffy and girlie?  maybe the pink nails and a pink cashmere sweater were a bit much (but when is cashmere ever too much?!).  maybe he thinks i’m too busy.  i did just rescue a dog and i wrangle 20 teenagers on the regular.  does he think i’m sporty/intelligent/cool enough?  does he think carly rae jepson is overplayed on this taylor swift pandora station too?

i think only time will tell.  so i’ll keep listening to the red marker and the water dripping and the fan blowing overhead to drown out the sound of the seconds whirring by.

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  1. March 18, 2013 7:38 pm

    Um, what did YOU think of HIM, Miss Jenny? Don’t give the dude to be one to decide here! And I’m sure you looked smashing, as usual!

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