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can and will: spring break the d&g way

March 10, 2013

i start spring break in a week.  this is what it will look like…

i see head scarves and pebble-y beaches and stripes in my future.  and those earring gobstoppers?  the bigger, the better, i say!

i will laze about and dangle my toes overboard to splash the exotic seawater over my expensive, italian sandals.  because life is simultaneously hard and blissfully easy when you’re on spring break.

i will wear crop tops galore because i will devote all day (every day) to yoga and juice cleanses and sunless tanning.  i will have not a care in the world and yet entertain only the deepest, most philosophical thoughts, just like this model.  but leave that underage-looking boy behind.  i don’t want to see a single high schooler until class begins again in april.

dreams.  dreams of what can and will be, if only i can (and will) survive this last week of work.

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