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multiple identities

February 27, 2013

the 15-year-old boy kept repeating the same word over and over like a parrot squawking from a cage.  why are teenage boys so annoying, i wondered.  and why won’t he just stop?

coach?  coach?  coach?  coach?  coach?

i’d had it.  he can’t even drive but he was driving me nuts.  so i whirled around…


he looked me dead in the eye.  he’s talking to me.  because i’m his coach.  needless to say this whole track coach thing is taking a little adjustment.  i had just gotten used to being called ms. r and now i have to answer to coach?  what other identities can i adopt?

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  1. notorious permalink
    February 28, 2013 3:02 pm

    Maybe they should call you..The Spaniard. (I saw parts of Gladiator again). —-Notorious

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