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try, try again

February 19, 2013

remember that list of things to try this weekend?  remember how fabulous and fun it sounded?  well, i did none of the five things i recommended you try.  zero.  i didn’t even wear fun lipstick or visit miss pixie’s.  but i did…

  • try hot yoga for the first time.  it was hot but not as hot as i’d feared.  i.e. i was not a blubbering mess after the hour-and-a-half of pose after pose after down dog after up dog.
  • speaking of dogs.  try to soak up all rowdy’s slobbering, leaping love.
  • try to memorize the beyonce “run the world (girls)” dance after watching her oprah special and hbo documentary back to back.
  • try a new spot for brunch.  the beacon bar & grill, to be exact.  though i refused to try a bloody mary.
  • try a recipe that i’ve been salivating over on pinterest.  it was not worth trying.  but hey, that’s what trying is all about.
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