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try, try

February 15, 2013

it’s a long weekend (hallelujah!).  all the better for big things.  like glitter guide’s 5 things to try this weekend.  and i think i shall.  try, and weekend.

i will, i will!  i will add a pop of pink to my basic boring black.  and i even own the pop in question- nars schiap in case you’d like to pop along.

i love me some big hair.  it makes me feel like i’m a rock star.  or super stylish and trendy.  or a model in a marc jacobs fashion show.  or just lazy.  all of these things are quintessentially weekend though.

i also love looking fancy when it’s socially inappropriate to do so.  some people might think i stayed out all night.  maybe i did?

i want to be a collector of great things.  not just a hoarder.  not just a lover of ok objects.  great things, people.  so i will make like lauren conrad and i will hit up my local great thing retailer, miss pixie’s.

my bedroom is a cross between a law & order crime scene and a kelly wearstler installation right now.  it’s a little scary, a little funky and in need of some zhushing.  and maybe some malachite.  or gold.  now isn’t that just brilliant?

these were glitter guide’s five things to try this weekend.  but i have one more:  do something completely, selfishly, totally, 100% for yourself.  do it because you want to.  do it because you don’t care what anyone else thinks.  do it because it feels right in your belly and you wouldn’t have it any other way.  be true to you and your instincts and your tastes and nothing else.  even if only for a fleeting second you will be you and that’s the best you can do.  that may be it, just a split little second, but that’s something.

but at the very least, try.

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