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rhinestones of wisdom: who you calling fat?

February 12, 2013
  • did you know that fat tuesday is also known as shrove tuesday.  shrove comes from the word “shrive” or to confess because it is the last day before lent begins.
  • in many cultures, it’s custom to eat pancakes on fat tuesday as they use up many of the richer foods that some people give up for lent.  i’ll be eating candy until my skull rots before i let up for lent.
  • for you germans out there, it’s fastnacht day.  has a special ring to it.
  • in portuguese, spanish- and italian-speaking countries, today is known as carnival, from the words carne levare (to take away meat).  taking gwyneth paltrow’s meatless mondays to a whole new level.
  • and my favorite word to say, paczki, the polish donut/bread/cake treat is served today.
  • shrove tuesday is exactly 47 days before easter sunday, a “moveable feast,” according to wikipedia and not hemingway, that is based on the lunar calendar.  so get your easter bonnets ready, ladies, the easter bunny is a comin!

facts and fun via wikipedia.  because where else would you find so much useless, 92%-factually-correct information?

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