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larger than life

January 29, 2013

there are lots of moms squawking in the back conference room and the ladies’ bathroom smells like that canned air-freshener stuff, so needless to say i have a walloper of a headache going on in my cranial region right now.  while i could scoot myself under my desk and pull my oversized sweater over my face and take a snooze, i have things to do and readers to dazzle.  so here i am.  dazzling you, when i could be sleeping off this headache.  the things i do.

and there’s nothing i want to do more than regale you with the memories of this past weekend- otherwise known as the weekend of GRANDMA.  big caps grandma because this wasn’t so much a weekend as it was a two-day festival celebrating everything grandma.  all we forgot were the goldfish toss games and midway full of rides, then we could’ve called this grandmafest 2k13 and sold tickets to her neighbors in the senior apartments.  there’s always next year…

i guess when you turn 93 there’s really no celebration too large.  no cakes too decadent.  no candy too rich.  no nap too long.  when you turn 93 you deserve every milisecond of attention and doting that is bestowed upon you.  you deserve to make your family look like fools wearing party hats that give them three chins.  you deserve to be chauffeured around, while controlling the radio dial (and the conversation).  you deserve to eat only candy for three days straight and then wash that down with a 6 ounce filet and a haystack of onions.  you deserve to sing “happy birthday to me” and grin all the while.  yes, she actually did that.

so i guess this isn’t so much about me dazzling you today.  this is really about GRANDMA and how she DAZZLED this weekend.  she was radiant and lovely and rockin’ some stylin’ new duds and didn’t really say anything embarrassing.  and trust me, there’s no celebration too large for my grandma who dazzles.  no celebration, and certainly no cake, too large for GRANDMA.


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