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rhinestones of wisdom: random thoughts on this here day

January 9, 2013


  • did taylor swift and harry styles really break up?  do i even really care?
  • how much longer can this mondo pot o’ chili last?  i used 1 1/4 pounds of ground turkey (grass-fed, all-natural, fat-free, happiest dead turkey) plus a bottle of smoked tabasco sauce, rotel tomatoes, cannelini beans, garbanzo beans and stirred it in my cauldron over the stove until bubbly and delicious.  i’m up to my grass-fed, all-natural, fat-free eyeballs in chili.  and all this girl wants is a bowl of cereal.
  • when will the gym not be full of resolution-ers?  seriously.  can i just have my treadmill back?  and give me the 5 pound dumbbells while you’re at it.  oh, and leave me a spot in the inner fitness studio during pilates, won’t you?
  • are people really this stupid?  i started watching the queen of versailles last night.  it’s a documentary about a family who stumbles into building the largest single-family home in america.  well, they start building it.  then his time share fortune starts to shake in the breeze of the great recession and they suspend construction.  you should see this thing:

  • oof!  carpool duty.  let’s hope that mom in the bentley, who thinks she’s the queen of versailles, doesn’t give me any trouble this afternoon.  or off with her head!
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  1. January 10, 2013 12:24 am

    HAHA at the happiest dead turkey…
    Thoughts and prayers with Miss Sarah.
    Also, the house? Monstrous! Let the Biltmore Estate carry the title, evermore.

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